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Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guard

Having a tooth knocked out or chipped is not a pleasant experience.

A Sports Mouth Guard is an essential for anyone playing contact or stick sports, for example Rugby, Football, Cricket, Gaelic, Hockey, Squash, Boxing, Judo, Karate etc.

A custom-made Sports Mouth Guard will fit your mouth exactly and help protect your teeth and gums properly. They can also help protect the jaw, neck and even the brain – helping to prevent the concussion and damage caused by a heavy blow.

Our Sports Mouth Guard are comfortable to wear and durable. Special orders available with multiple colours or a design of your choice. We can even provide a mouth guard for those patients who have a fixed orthodontic brace.

  •  Make a appointment with our Dentist
  •  Impressions are taken of your teeth.
  • Impressions sent to our Dental laboratory to make your customised mouth guard.
  • At a second visit to the Dentist your guard will be fitted and checked.


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What do I do if  a tooth gets knocked out?

Firstly, if you can find the tooth and it is clean – put it back into the socket yourself.

  • Do put it straight into a cup of milk or keep it in your mouth
  • Do go to a dentist or hospital as soon as possible
  • Do take painkillers if necessary
  • Don’t hold the tooth by the root, as teeth are surrounded by fragile ligaments which need to be kept intact if the tooth is to be replaced
  • Don’t clean the tooth with disinfectant or water or let it dry out
  • Don’t put aspirin or clove oil on the wound
  • Don’t panic.

The sooner the tooth is replaced, the better the chance of success.
If you have not managed to do it yourself, we will put the tooth back. It may be necessary to provide a dental splint to fasten the tooth against the teeth on either side. In most cases this is successful, and once the splint is removed the tooth is stable. However, you will almost certainly need more treatment in the future.

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