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Metal-Free Bridges

Metal-free Bridges are a beautiful and natural looking solution to missing teeth

Metal-free Bridges are one way of replacing a missing tooth by extending a crown (often called a cap) with a “floating” or “bridge unit” tooth, into the space in question.

Multiple spaces can be filled by combining a number of such crowns with the requisite number of “floating” or “bridge unit” teeth.

Having Metal-free bridges made for you is a two visit treatment with our cosmetic dentist in Belfast.

  • First appointment: our dentist carefully shapes the tooth or teeth in question and takes an impression. This impression is used to create a model in the Dental Laboratory, on which the bridge is specially made to fit your teeth.
  • Second appointment: our dentist bonds this bridge to your prepared teeth.

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Metal-free Bridges are excellent restorations and are highly durable

Traditional bridges are made up of tooth coloured material (dental porcelain) bonded to a grey substrate metal. Unfortunately, this type of bridge often looks lifeless as the dull metal is totally unlike natural tooth and tends to shine through the porcelain covering. These bridges also may develop black margins at the gum line due to metal showing through the porcelain at this thinnest point, and or patient allergy to the nickel or palladium content of the substrate metal alloy.

This can be particularly unsightly at the front of the mouth and, on reflection, you may now realise that you know of somebody with this problem.

Metal-free Bridges on the other hand are made from a modern, high technology, bio-compatible, Zirconium glass and porcelain combination.

  • These bridges are beautiful and natural looking.
  • They do not develop black margins at the gum line and are incredibly strong and durable.
  • The surgery visits for the patient are no different from those for traditional bridge work, but the outcomes are poles apart !

Call us today to arrange an appointment to find out how Metal-free Bridges can improve your smile.

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